Hollywood's horror hot streak

Danny Weisman
Apr 2023

Recently, the Wall Street Journal looked into the factors going into Hollywood favoring horror film productions.

The rationale revolved around the low cost of producing these films and the authenticity that comes with movies that usually don’t include A-list actors.

But the article misses two key points that we’ve been tracking at Noble People.

First off, Gen Z loves them.

Per Morning Consult, 32% of Gen Z like horror movies, vs. 22% of the general population. Horror is second to only comedy in their preference. And given Gen Z has come back to the theater at a higher clip than older audiences, it’s important to cater to them.

Second, for whatever reason, horror movies do better in a recession. Perhaps there’s a bigger relatability to the fear you feel while watching, or it’s a distraction from the problems popping up in your life. Not to mention, horror movies are made on much smaller budgets than action and superhero films.

Whatever the case, don’t sleep on Gen Z and the economy fueling what you’re seeing in theaters.

And just know there are many reasons for a trend, and all of them add to the story.

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