Volatility is opportunity

Danny Weisman
Jan 2023

When looking for how to be innovative in your 2023 media plans, look at the companies with a lot to gain or not a lot to lose.

Take these three examples:

Tumblr was bought by Automattic for just $3 million and is now seeing a resurgence in usage post-Elon Twitter takeover. Plus, they need splashy activations to use as case studies in order to show the rest of the ad community. There’s a demand to take advantage of.

FaZe Clan went public and their stock price is down 84% this year. They’re in dire need of revenue but still boast millions of followers and gaming / Gen Z influence. They’re hungry (thank Joe Pompliano's Huddle Up newsletter for the tip on this).

Wide shot of characters seated in a McDonald's in Emily in Paris. Source: Netflix

HBO Max is so desperate they are now running ads in Game of Thrones in their ad-tier, and trotted out their Sex Lives of College Girls actors for Google commercials during the show.

Ads aren’t the only way streaming services are looking to make up for lost time, just watch the first episode of Netflix’s Emily in Paris and you’ll see a 30 minute McDonald's ad. Partnership opportunities seem to be available above and beyond ads.

Tough times mean media companies have to get more creative in generating revenue.

That’s an opportunity for marketers, not a problem.

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